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Dr Zinobia “With scientific attitude, dedication and care, we at ClinOma Healthcare are confident in making a difference to many more human lives and to the world of lifestyle management and healthcare,” says Dr Zinobia

Dr. Zinobia Madan,


Founder & Managing Director, ClinOma Healthcare


Honorary Consultant – Lifestyle Medicine,

Jaslok Hospital & Research Center

An Introduction

Dr. Zinobia An introduction
Launch of ClinOma Healthcare
Professional Clinical Reasearch Experience
Medico Marketing expertise
Regulatory experience
Pharmacovigilance expertise
Nutrition expertise
Some Key Publications
Awards / Memberships & Recognitions
Defining Moments

Dr. Zinobia Madan, a Mumbai-based expert in healthcare, has garnered more than 20 years of experience through clinical research, new introduction of healthcare products, teaching, writing and mentoring.

After being awarded a doctorate for her original cardiovascular research work at Jaslok Hospital and Research Center, Mumbai she actively pursued a career in the Pharmaceutical Industry, in the Medical Divisions of leading Pharmas, in areas of clinical research pertainining to several therapeutic areas, Pharmacology and Nutrition, Medicomarketing, Pharmacovigilance, Regulatory & Medical Information.

In the Pharma Industry, she held key leadership role as Medical Director of a leading multinational Pharma company Abbott & also headed all these functions in the Medical Department of leading Indian Pharma companies like Wockhardt.

In recognition of her outstanding contributions to the field of Medical Sciences & Nutrition , she has been awarded MAMS (Membership of The National Academy of Medical Sciences) , FIMSA (Fellowship of the International Medical Sciences Academy) and FICN (Fellowship of the International College of Nutrition).

Dr Zinobia has made significant contributions to the Healthcare and Pharma Industry by supporting the introduction of several innovative Pharmaceutical and Nutritional products in the country.

She also has vast experience in handling a large number of clinical research projects in several therapeutic areas including nutrition. Her special interests in nutrition include enteral and parenteral nutrition, pediatric nutrition, micronutrients, nutrition in specific diseases and nutrition education.

She is a member of several medical societies in India, has presented & published papers at national and international conferences and has been a speaker for increasing awareness on wellness and healthcare at several forums.

She has been trained by international faculties on International Guidelines of Clinical Research and as Medical director on therapeutic areas and recent new introductions worldwide.

She was also identified by the Mumbai University as an outstanding Undergraduate student to undergo an intensive research training orientation at National Chemical Laboratory (NCL), Pune, in  Basic and Applied Biochemistry related areas pertaining to research orientation in many departments of NCL.

She recently contributed to Ernst & Young’s “The Glorious Metamorphosis – Compelling Reasons for doing Clinical Research in India”.
She also contributed to recent “OPPI Code : Conduct of Clinical Trials”

Parsi community
Participation as a key speaker at World Zoroastrian Congress, Dubai in the Doctor’s Forum

(left to right) Dr. Noshir Wadia, Dr. Zinobia Madan, Dr. Behram Pastakia & Dr. Anahaita Pandole

In Dec 2009, she presented “The Medical Problems concerning the Parsi community” at the 9th World Zoroastrian Congress held in Dubai after enormous collation of the clinical research data of the Parsi community studied in several medical conditions and diseases and also insights into the causes of decline of the Parsi community.

At Indo-American Society delivering a “Life Style Presentation”

Recently,on October 26, 2010, at the Indo-American Society, Dr. Zinobia Madan was invited to deliver a presentation on “Lifestyle Changes For a Healthy Future” held at IAS Lincoln Auditorium.

Dr. Zinobia – Her Experience on giving talks at HELP.
Dr. Zinobia Deliver a talk on “Simple, Small Steps to a Healthy Lifestyle” at HELP.

Launch of ClinOma Healthcare

Launch of ClinOma Healthcare
Launches ClinOma in July 2010

2010 was the turning of a new leaf in her career when Dr Zinobia conceptualized the novel idea of providing quality healthcare to Indian citizens with a lifestyle concept through her organization, ClinOma Healthcare. With a focus towards towards imparting quality and meaningful healthcare which would impact human lives, Clinoma Healthcare was launched with a mission – (Oma in arabic Giver of Life).

It was this dream of holistic healthcare by an “Integrated Extended Care Approach” which soon transformed into a reality, when individuals receiving care and counselling at ClinOma with stress and associated problems like obesity, diabetes, hypertension, gastrointestinal problems, osteoporosis, and several others, have started benefitting with this holistic scientific approach.
“We have seen healthy weight loss in obesity patients who also feel fit due to healthy diet and yoga, similarly good control in blood sugar when combined with oral hypoglycemics in diabetics, good control of acidity in patients with peptic acid disease and significant stress reduction in stressed and depressed patients attending the clinic receiving counselling and yoga.We hope to give relief to several individuals with this team lifestyle care approach in the coming times”, says Dr Zinobia.

Since the launch of ClinOma Healthcare in July 2010, there has been several exciting events, including  dissemination of information through presentations at various public health forums, conduct of health camps, educating public through several press articles on healthcare and widening horizons in Pharmaceutical care in Oncology and other therapeutic areas by supporting Pharmaceutical organizations in introduction of newer molecules. ClinOma Healthcare has initiated the domain of multifaceted Medicomarketing activities which it further plans to expand to several organizations.

In the area of clinical research, ClinOma has developed protocols in the area of pediatrics and lifestyle, and guided some Pharma organizations on some others also.

In the area of Pharmacovigilance & Clinical Research, ClinOma participated with Dr Zinobia Madan as Panelist and Chairperson for the Summit at two forums. At a recently held conference at Nehru Centre, HELP invited Dr Zinobia to speak on “Patient Empowerment”.

Recently, ClinOma receives extensive coverage in international publications of US -FEZANA, & Dubai -Synergy Z. Attached are links for your reference.

1. Synergyz – November 2010, 12 Nov 2010 , – Cached

2.FEZANA Journal – Fall 2010, 10 Dec 2010 , – Cached

Several international News sites including ……….Scientific News, Medical News, Lifestyle, Financial, Stock Exchange, Hindustan Times disseminate valuable information on ClinOma to citizens worldwide on this very unique approach.

Dr. Zinobia has been recently appointed as Honorary Consultant – Lifestyle Medicine, Jaslok Hospital & Research Center

Individuals at this clinic with stress and associated problems like obesity, diabetes, hypertension, gastrointestinal problems, osteoporosis, and several others, receive care and counselling by a holistic scientific approach.

Professional Clinical Reasearch Experience

Professional Clinical Reasearch
Chairing the Clinical Trials Asia Summit 2010 Conference
in Aug 2010

At one of the recently held Clinical Trials Asia Summit 2010 Conference in Aug 2010, in which Dr Zinobia was the Chairperson, she made an interesting Introductory presentation which is enclosed. Clinical Trials Asia Summit 2010

With her tremendous passion in the subject of Clinical Research from early years, Dr Zinobia started her research career as a Research Associate at Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai in 1983, and submitted two research thesis for Masters (MSc) & Doctorate (PhD) to the Mumbai University in the subject of Applied Biology. The research was carried out primarily with an indepth study in areas of Cardiovascular Pharmacology & Cardiovascular Biochemistry.
During her research for MSc, she investigated “Role of serum taurine levels as an index of myocardial damage. “

Her PhD research topic investigated the topic, “Role of Prostaglandins in acute myocardial infarction and the effects of Indomethacin, Aspirin & U63557A on right atrial prostaglandin levels in patients undergoing coronary artery bypass surgery.”

After having been awarded PhD in 1991, she continues to be actively associated with Clinical Research till date through her associations with Pharma industry and Patient Care.

Having held leadership positions in the Clinical Research teams & Medical Departments in leading Pharma Industries, Dr Zinobia has developed significant Clinical Research expertise and has been instrumental in training many young Clinical research professionals and Clinical Research Advisers with her Pharma experience spanning more than 20 years.

Her key Clinical research expertise involves identification of Investigator & Institutions in various research areas, Protocol designing, Study management at site, Ethical considerations by ICH-GCP, Co-ordination with CRO / SMO, Managing clinical trial supplies , financial aspects of clinical trials, Data handling , Report preparation , Preparation of clinical trial publications and presentations.
Dr Zinobia has guided the conduct of a large number of clinical studies in the country, including significant studies such as on efficacy and safety of a novel first time recombinant insulin in India, study on recombinant erythropoietin, studies on vaccines, studies on nutritional products – both enteral and parenteral, studies on pain killers, methylcobalamine, studies on fixed dose combinations, antibiotics and several others.

Medico Marketing expertise

Medico Marketing expertise
Participates in several Medico Mareketing meetings & Symposia
for doctors

In the field of Medico Marketing, Dr Zinobia has expertise in designing high quality scientific Product Monographs for doctors, Product Manuals & Presentations for various forums, Newsletters, promotion literatures and visual aids, conducting new product launch symposia for varied specialities, identification and development of new products, both pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals and conducting high quality training for field staff in Pharma companies for launched products as well as new products.

She has been actively involved in the launch of almost several innovative Pharmaceutical & Nutritional products in India, in several therapeutic categories.

Currently, through ClinOma Healthcare, she provides high-quality, scientific Medicomarketing services to Pharmaceutical & Healthcare organizations.


Regulatory experience

Regulatory experience
Panelist in  Pharmacovigilance Conference in Jan 2010

Having headed the Medical teams of leading Pharma companies, Dr Zinobia’s experience in Regulatory field encompasses providing guidance for filing applications to Indian and multinationals for regulatory applications for various Phase clinical trials, as well as support for all other regulatory applications.

She has a rich regulatory experience, having filed several new product applications, bulk drug manufacturing applications, applications for import and registration permissions, applications based on medical rationale, applications to RCGM & GEAC for recombinant drugs and export registrations.

Recently at the International Clinical Engineering Workshop – India, held on February 20 – 25, 2011, at the  College of Engineering, Pune, Dr Zinobia delivered a presentation on “Medical Device Regulations -Pharma Perspectives”, to a group of  Doctors and Bio-medical Engineers.

Pharmacovigilance expertise

Dr Zinobia has significantly contributed to the faculty of Pharmacovigilance having taking key initiatives in heading Global Pharmacovigilance Cell in leading Indian Pharma company, and also heading Pharmacovigilance team in a multinational as the Medical Director.

She has been participating as a Speaker, Panelist, Moderator on Pharmacovigilance at several forums.
In Nov 2009, she delivered the Introductory talk on Pharmacovigilance for training on Pharmacovigilance, conducted by Maharashtra University of Health Sciences.

In Jan 2010, she was also invited as a Panelist at Pharmacovigilance 2010 Conference where she delivered a talk on, “Working towards Patient subject safety from early development”.
Nutrition expertise
Very recently, HELP organized a very interesting patient-centric conference, Putting Patients First Conference , in which she delivered a presentation on “Patient Empowerment – An evolving idea towards reforming current  healthcare”.

Dr Zinobia was a Panelist for the subject, “Working towards patient subject safety from early development”.

Pharmacovigilance expertise Pharmacovigilance-Conference-22nd-Jan2010.pdf


Nutrition expertise

Nutrition  expertise
Always enjoys sharing valuable nutritious secretes with one and all!!!

While handling important nutraceutical portfolios in the Pharma Industry, she has contributed to drafting medical rationales with formulations for several of the products for infant nutrition, products specific for infantile diarrheas, for low-birth weight infants, infant cereal foods, disease specific formulas, formulas for growing children, formulas for pregnant and lactating women, high protein formulas for convalescence, formulas specific for diabetes, formulas for pediatric convalescing patients, as well as parenteral nutrition formulas. She was actively involved in the introduction of the first enteral nutrition formula launched in India and also the launch of the international enteral product specific for diabetics.

Additionally, she has contributed to drafting medical rationales with formulations for several of the antioxidant formulations (pharmaceutical) formulations, iron supplements, calcium supplements and vitamin supplements.

She has remarkable experience in training field staff in several nutrition portfolios for varied therapeutic segments.

Over the years, she has been involved actively in conduct of symposias for the medical fraternity in the field of nutrition.

One of her key strengths in the field of nutrition also includes conduct of clinical trials on nutritional products, nutritional concepts, epidemiological studies, or Post-marketing surveillance studies.

Some Key Publications

  1. Madan Z M & Sainani G S. Changes in 6 Keto PGF1? and TXB2 in patients with myocardial infarction. JAPI 42 : 111-112, 1994
  2. Madan Z M & Sainani G S. Effect of aspirin treatment on plasma levels of 6 Keto PGF1? and thromboxane A2. JAPI 43 : 597-599, 1995.
  3. Madan Z M.; Sainani G S; Parulkar G. B. A study on the effects of cyclo-oxygenase and thromboxane synthetase inhibitors on right atrial prostacyclin and thromboxane A2 levels. Indian Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, 12:7-10, June 01 1996
  4. Madan Z M & Sainani G S. Effects of cyclo-oxygenase and thromboxane synthetase inhibitors on right atrial prostaglandins. JAPI 48 : 581-583, 2000.
  5. Madan Z M. Single and multiple dose pharmacokinetics of two long acting diclofenac formulations in healthy volunteers. The Indian Practitioner 53 : 675-679, 2000.
  6. Madan Z M. Invert sugar solution in intravenous fluid therapy – A retrospective study. Indian Medical Gazette p 378-382, December 2000.
  7. Madan Z M. Clinical experience with invert sugar solution in intravenous fluid therapy in India. Indian Medical Gazette p 147-150, May 2000.
  8. Madan Z M. Supportive role of a micronutrient appetite normaliser in convalescing patients. Drug Trial Report JIMA : 158-159, 2001.
  9. Madan Z M. Nutrition in elderly. The Indian Practitioner 56 : 413-417, 2003.
  10. Madan Z M. Nutrition therapy for metabolic disorders. JAMA – India, 2 : 81-86, 2003.
  11. Madan Z M. Use of enteral nutrition in critical illness. J Applied Medicine p 299 – 305, 1997.
  12. Parulkar G B & Madan Z M. Parenteral nutrition in surgical patients. J Applied Medicine p 213-217, 1998.
  13. Madan Z M. Omega – 3 fatty acids in heart disease. iJM Diet & Nutrition : p 38 – 41, March – April 1999
  14. Madan Z M. Malnutrition – an overview. iJM Diet & Nutrition, July-Aug 2000.
  15. Madan Z M. Role of invert sugar solution in the management of fluid and electrolyte balance in the critically ill and postoperative patients. Hospital Today VI :125-128, 2001.
  16. V Mohan & Madan Z M . Diabetes–Social & Economic perspectives in the new millennium. Int. J. Diab. Dev. Countries 24 : 29-35, 2004.
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  21. Chhabra Rashna & Madan Zinobia. Management of neuropathic pain : a perspective. The Antiseptic 103(7) : 373-78, July 2006.
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  30. Madan Z, Kukreja A. Sponsor’s and Investigator’s Responsibilities. In the Textbook ‘Basic Principles of Clinical Research and Methodology’, Ed. S.K. Gupta, 2007, pages 141 – 153.

Awards / Memberships & Recognitions

  1. Membership of the National Academy of Medical Sciences (MAMS)
  2. Fellowship of the International Medical Sciences Academy (FIMSA)
  3. Fellowship of the International College of Nutrition (FICN)
  4. Outstanding Contribution in Promoting Healthcare Jal Mistry Award – March 2011
  5. The Bombay Parsee Association Award in recognition for outstanding achievement in the field of Clinical Research and for contribution to the society and country – October 2009
  6. Outstanding Alumni Award by Jai Hind College Alumni Association in 2006
  7. Wockhardt Chairman’s Citation Award in 2004 for contribution to introduction of Asia’s first recombinant Human insulin in India
  8. Bombay University Pandit Bhagwandin Dube Scholarship for PhD
  9. Women’s graduate Union Scholarship for PhD
  10. Junior and Senior Research Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre Fellowship for PhD
  11. Bombay Parsi Panchayat Scholarship for PhD
  12. Life Member of Nutrition Society of India
  13. Life Member of Indian Society of Parenteral & Enteral Nutrition
  14. Life Member of International Society for Heart Research
  15. Life Member of Research Society for Study of Diabetes in India
  16. Life Member of Association of Clinical Biochemists of India
  17. Life Member of Indian Pharmacological Society
  18. Member of the Medical Committee of Indo-American Society
  19. Life Member of Association of Medical Women of India
Awards & Memberships
Awarded the Membership of NAMS
Awarded the Fellowship of the IMSA
Fellowship of the IMSA
Much happy to receive
the Outstanding Alumni Award by her
College, Jai Hind College, Mumbai
Fellowship of the IMSA
Receiving the Award for Outstanding Contribution in Promoting Healthcare from Arnavaz Mistry, Trustee BPP


Defining Moments

Aim for Achievement, Not for Success is what she learnt from Mother.

Defining Moments
Dr. Zinobia’s mother Kolan

Greatly fortunate to be born and brought up by the most wonderful mother late Kolan, she learnt from her a simple distinction between Achievement and Success. Her mother said that Achievement is the knowledge acquired when you have performed to the best of your potential. Success is being praised by others, which is merely temporary and good, but not as important or satisfying. It should never flatter you and deter you from achieving still better. Always aim for Achievement, with hard work and commitment, use that for the benefit of society at large through your profession, and forget about Success …….
As a good human, how far you go in life, depends on your being gentle with the young, compassionate with the aged, sypathethic with the striving, and tolerant of the weak and the strong. Because at some juncture in life you would have been all of those.

Two Great Mentors – Guiding & Inspiring Her Path !!

Inspiring Path Inspiring Path
Dr. Zinobia with Dr G B Parulkar Dr. Zinobia with Dr G S Sainani

I share my experience of two medical icons, inspiring teachers and above all exemplary human beings, Padmabhushan Dr G B Parulkar & Padmashri Dr G S Sainani. It is indeed my fortune that I spent many of my young years with them as a student and an Associate, and even today continue to benefit from my association with them, as they truly inspire and guide my scientific path.
I have yet to come across a person like Dr Parulkar, who at this age so enthusiastically contributes to society with the same cheerful nature and magnanimous disposition, as he possessed in his youth. He has always been his students’ advocate and has stood for the rights of his students, ever since I knew him as the Dean of KEM. His respect, trust and ongoing motivation to his colleagues and ex-students is commendable. A life long learner, his thirst for knowledge, at this age remains unmatched. With remarkable skills of an orator, Dr Parulkar has the flair of explaining any subject in clinical medicine & surgery very effectively, bringing in subtle humour and making the subject very lively. He has a thorough professional approach coupled with a benevolent humanitarian attitude, which has indeed touched many human lives. I can only summarize my feelings for him as a “Heart surgeon with a Heart of gold”.
My other teacher, a renowned Physician Dr G S Sainani, guided me and supported me as a young PhD student at the Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre, and I consider myself very fortunate to have enjoyed a wonderful Research Associate Training at Jaslok Hospital under his able guidance.
Of his many outstanding qualities, I am always most impressed by his simplicity in actions and thoughts, patience with both friends and rivals & compassion towards one and all. Dr Sainani is a teacher with an intense commitment, a writer with a flowing pen & a thinker with a clear intellect.

Dr Sainani has really impressed me with his disciplined life, an example he has set for the present generation to emulate. After all that is what Lifestyle Medicine is all about. At his age, it is hard to come across, someone, who is so peaceful, stress-free and healthy & enjoying his profession actively by contributing to patient care, OPDs, lectures at conferences, guiding residents and PhD students.
It is indeed remarkable how both these great doctors have beautifully balanced their daily work, associated stress and yet enjoyed it thoroughly with good family and social lives.
I would now like to end by quoting William Ward,

‘A mediocre teacher tells,
A good teacher explains,
A superior teacher demonstrates
A great teacher inspires.’

Inspiring teachers like Dr G B Parulkar and Dr G S Sainani truly touch our lives with their knowledge, dedication and kindness, and their continued touch of wisdom, will always provide the extra spark which ClinOma Healthcare will rightfully deserve from them as blessings.

Caring for the sick, elderly & poor

Caring for the sick
Enjoys spending time & counselling an elderly

& sick patient at J J Hospital, Parsi Home

Social responsibility is an important value contribution to ClinOma’s vision of Care. Caring for the community is at the heart of all we do.

ClinOma works towards counselling families and individuals with disabilities. It is a fact that medical, social, educational, cultural and economic support are too often inadequate for people with disabilities, and there is considerable stigma and discrimination with people suffering from disabilities.

‘’We care for the fact that having a disability should not discourage one from leading a useful life,” says Dr Zinobia.

Today, elderly are one of the most vulnerable in society faced with risks such as disability, financial deprivation and loss of social networks. With her experience of regularly visiting old age homes, Dr Zinobia feels, “They have so many stories to tell, they just need someone who cares.”

“Giving a helping hand to the poor and suffering is our reason to exist,” says Dr Zinobia who is very passionate towards this social cause.

Medicine & Prayers complement in healing

Prayers complement in healing
In a serious discussion with community members and High Priests on “How both Medical Science & Prayers play a role in Healing”

Dr Zinobia takes interest in discussing with her community members, in a gathering attended by High Priests, explaining how : “Medicine & Prayers complement in healing.”
In her presentation, she explains importance of practising principles of hygiene, purity of mind, soul, body and most importantly Good Thoughts, Good Words & Good Deeds. All these are ultimately linked to peace of mind, relieving stress, anxiety, depression, several common diseases and disorders in today’s stressful lives, ultimately purifying our soul, giving us a healthy body and mind.

To be healthy it is not necessary to just have a healthy body, but most important to have a healthy mind. Health and intellect are the two blessings of life. So, we need to pray for a healthy mind in a healthy body. By a healthy mind, means harbouring positivity in the body, forgiving others, living in harmony with surroundings, sharing and caring for the family, friends, community and society. All of us have different equations of negative and positive attitudes. On a daily basis, we need to elevate our souls by shifting our life’s curve more and more towards positive attitudes and eliminate all the negativity from our life, as this will ultimately give us the satisfaction of having lead a life as per the tenets of each of our great religions. We must ultimately learn to involve ourselves more in caring for others rather than having an attitude of being self-obssessed, so that our existence becomes more and more meaningful.
Religious texts emphasize that “Purity of mind & body is the most excellent wealth & happiness of this world.” As a matter of fact, even the WHO, (The World Health Organization) defines health on similar lines today, “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” It is so true and we have live experiences that the greatest wealth in this universe could not bring back all the lost health or happiness.
It is also important for us not to forget that many of the religious principles lay emphasis on respect & dignity for all elements – water, air & earth, as manifesting God’s existence & power.
As per Para 6 of Ardibehesht Yasht in Avestha, there are 5 types of healers – Purifying priest / Justice / Surgeon/ Physician/ Healer reciting manthras. It also adds, that while these have additive effects, the best healer is he who cures by reciting Manthravani – by giving relief & peace of mind to sick. Modern science confirms that prayers are complementary in healing patients, in addition to medicines.
It would be most appropriate to summarize the importance of prayers by mentioning two vital facts :
Man’s need for prayers is as great as his need for food. As food is necessary for body, prayer is necessary for soul. Prayer helps achieve any noble purpose in life by purifying the heart & uplifting the soul.
There is no more noble occupation in the world than to assist another human being – to help someone succeed.
As a good human, how far you go in life, depends on your being gentle with the young, compassionate with the aged, sypathethic with the striving, and tolerant of the weak and the strong. Because at some juncture in life you would have been all of those.


India’s leading artist Anjanna Kuthiala captures Dr Zinobia on her canvas

India’s leading artist
Anjanna Kuthiala makes a beautiful painting of
Dr. Zinobia
Dr Zinobia, who is personally very passionate about art, was overjoyed to be canvassed as a portrait by India’s leading artist Anjanna Kuthiala, presented by Zoya at  a unique art exhibition at Warden Road, Mumbai.  Anjanna is known for her paintings of women, beautiful and ethereal, and a series of paintings on leading luminaries and the inspiration she derives from them.


Achievements in Healthcare
Dr Zinobia Madan is recently the recipient of “Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award for Innovations in Healthcare, 2014” & “Jewel of India Award for Landmark Contributions in Healthcare, 2014”